5 Simple Ways to Get Fit

Denise Austin doing floor mat workout with EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites


May is right around the corner, and did you know that it's National Physical Fitness & Sports Month? It’s the perfect time to really commit to getting fit so you can feel like your most amazing self all month – and all year long! In fact, when you make time for movement every day, you can experience other benefits including more energy and focus, improved mood, and even better sleep!


I know it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to a new fitness routine, which is why I’m sharing 5 simple ways to get fit that will have you on track in no time. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to burning calories, blasting  fat, keeping your heart healthy, and feeling great every day!


  1. Choose Workouts You Enjoy. It’s easier to stay committed to working out when you are having fun! There’s no universal routine for everyone, which means it’s OK to pass on workouts that you tend to dread and instead, focus on ones that make the time fly by while still getting your heart rate up and working your target areas.


  1. Stick to a Regular Schedule. Life isn’t slowing down any time soon, so it’s important to make time for your daily workouts while accommodating your personal schedule. Whether you prefer to work out first thing in the morning or later in the day, you should always block off the time so you can honor the commitment. Remember, your daily workouts are a small investment in your long-term health!


  1. Grab a Workout Buddy. When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, accountability can make all the difference! Not only will a workout buddy motivate you to not skip your workout sessions, but it will also transform exercising from something you have to do into something you want to do with your friend or loved one.


  1. Boost Your Energy With Protein. Healthy protein is essential for staying energized and helping your muscles recover after working out. When I need a little extra boost, I reach for my EVER BETTER™ Protein Cookie Bites. Each serving is filled with protein for energy, probiotics for gut health, and other ingredients to deliver on indulgent flavor without any guilt. Plus, they are low in sugar, low in carbs, and keto friendly!


  1. Mix It Up. I love doing a combo of cardio, strength, and stretching so I can get my heart rate up while building lean muscle and reducing post-workout soreness! You can do all three intervals in one workout session, or tack on one to your existing workouts. If you aren’t familiar with interval training, I’ve made it easy to get started with my 15-minute Heart Healthy Workout available here.


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