Are Peanuts Healthy? Yes, and Here are 3 Reasons Why!

Healthy Bowl of Peanuts on Kitchen Table

When it comes to healthy snacking, peanuts are one of my all-time favorite choices for some salty crunch with the added benefits of fiber, protein, and healthy fats! While peanuts are sometimes overlooked as a good snack option since they do have fat and calories, when consumed in moderation, they are an excellent addition to a healthy diet!

In fact, just a handful of unsalted peanuts can help squash an afternoon snack craving by filling you up quickly while also delivering additional benefits you won’t get from traditional snacks. That’s why I recommend peanuts as a healthy snack – and why they made my list of healthy ingredients that we use in my new EVER BETTER™ Chocolate PB Passion! Bites. Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the benefits that peanuts offer: 

  1. Peanuts are High in Heart-Healthy Fats. If you are thinking about adding peanuts to your daily snack routine, you may feel some hesitation when you see the fat content on the nutritional label. While there is a general stigma around fat when it comes to making healthy food choices, it’s important to know that not all fats are created equal -  which is why you often hear about “bad” fats like trans and saturated fats and “good” fats. Peanuts are a healthy choice because most of the fats in peanuts are mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which are actually good for your heart health and can help lower “bad” cholesterol. 
  2. Peanuts are Naturally High in Protein and Low in Carbs. When it comes to protein content, peanuts are the reigning champ among all types of nuts! Like most protein-rich foods, peanuts have a higher calorie count than fruits and veggies, but this means that you can eat less and feel fuller for longer. (That’s why it only takes a handful of peanuts each day to satisfy your snack cravings.) And, because a single serving of peanuts contains less than 2% of the daily recommended service of carbs, they are also considered to be a low-carb food!  
  3. Peanuts are Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. Traditional salty and crunchy snacks like potato chips may satisfy a specific craving, but these types of processed foods fill you up with calories and artificial flavors and no additional health benefits.  Peanuts, however, are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including biotin, folic acid, vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium. So, when you opt to indulge your craving with peanuts, you are actually giving your body an extra dose of some amazing vitamins and minerals!

My new favorite way to enjoy peanuts is from my EVER BETTER™ Chocolate PB Passion! Protein Bites.  These healthy cookie bites combine protein-packed peanuts and almonds with antioxidant rich chocolate chips to deliver on indulgent flavor in a snack that’s also low sugar, low carb, soy and gluten free, and keto-friendly. Now, you can give in the next time you are craving that chocolate-peanut flavor combination without any guilt, and provide your body with a natural energy boost as well!

So let’s get snacking the healthy way - check out my EVER BETTER™ Chocolate PB Passion! Protein Bites and remember – You Are Worth It!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ - together!