Craving Double Chocolate Chip Cookies? Try This Healthy Alternative!

Denise Austin with EVER BETTER™ Double Chocolate Delight Bites


When it comes to satisfying a serious chocolate snack craving, there’s nothing better than the decadent flavor of double chocolate chip cookies! The rich, fudgy batter mixed with sweet chocolate chips…I can almost taste it right now! As delicious as they are, traditional double chocolate chip cookies are loaded with processed ingredients and sugar – making them a less than ideal choice for those trying to snack healthier, watch their carb intake, or follow a keto diet.


That’s why I created my EVER BETTER™ Double Chocolate Delight! Protein Cookie Bites! These soft, chewy, chocolaty bites are made with healthy ingredients so you can get the double chocolate flavor you crave while staying on track with all of your healthy snacking goals:


  • Chocolate chunks for the decadent chocolate taste you love plus antioxidants.
  • Sea salt to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings all at once.
  • Protein to help boost your post-snacking energy levels. 
  • Probiotics to promote gut health and immunity. 


Plus, these bites are low in sugar, keto friendly, gluten free, and have just 4 net carbs per serving compared to 20g net carbs in typical cookie bites!* 


A happy life is all about balance! You deserve to indulge in the double chocolate chip cookie flavor you want with healthy benefits – so the next time the craving hits, reach for my EVER BETTER™ Double Chocolate Delight! Protein Cookie Bites. It’s an indulgence you can feel good about, and you’re worth it!


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Let’s live EVER BETTER™ together – Denise