Get Ready to Fall Back

Fall Back Clock with Leaves


Many Americans will be turning their clocks back one hour overnight on the first Sunday of November, officially transitioning to Daylight Savings Time until the clocks move forward again in March. While the shift is just one hour, this can have a significant impact on people’s daily routines for the first several days and even weeks. In this blog post, we’ll share some simple things you can do to start preparing for the time change now so you’ll have minimal impact on your sleep, schedule, and overall wellbeing. 


How the Time Change Impacts Us


According to The Sleep Foundation, the Fall Back time change can throw off the body’s circadian rhythm, which is your internal “clock” that regulates sleep and other biological processes. This is due in part to fewer hours of natural light, one of the body’s primary cues when it comes to falling asleep and waking up. Getting fewer hours of restful sleep can have a negative impact on mood, clarity, and trigger cravings for unhealthy foods. In short, the time change can quickly turn into a cycle that’s difficult to break.


That’s why it’s so important to get ahead of the time change by making some small changes to your daily routine the week before.


How To Prepare for the Fall Back Time Change


  • Start adjusting your sleep schedule several days before the change. Begin your bedtime routine 15-20 minutes earlier than normal until you are able to relax, unwind, and prepare for sleep an hour earlier. Don’t worry if you struggle to fall asleep at first; this is a change that will take several days to settle in.


  • Switch up your nightly rituals. You may require a little extra R&R as you ease into the time change. Try shutting down your electronics earlier, taking a warm bath, reading a book, listening to soothing music, or writing in a journal.


  • Enjoy the outdoors. As the temperatures drop, it’s tempting to cozy up inside for the season. However, exposure to fresh air and natural light can help you adjust faster. The Sleep Foundation recommends getting outside in the morning and especially on the Sunday of the time change. If it’s too cold to get outside, open the curtains and spend some time near the windows.


  • Stock up on healthy snacks. To satisfy cravings for sugary snacks, keep plenty of healthy and satisfying options on hand like our EVER BETTER™ Protein Cookie Bites which are packed with protein, probiotics, and other healthy ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you on track.


  • Stick to your exercise routine. Daily movement not only helps keep you on track with your fitness goals, but it also helps maintain clarity, focus, and a positive outlook. You may need to make some modifications, especially if you exercise outdoors, but it’s still important to continue your workouts while you continue to prepare for the time change.


  • Focus on the positives. Instead of dwelling on the inevitable changes to the weather and hours of daylight, try focusing on all of the positive things ahead this season. The holidays are on the horizon, you can pull out all your favorite chunky knits, and pumpkin spice season is in full swing! (If you love pumpkin spice, try our Pumpkin Spice Joy! Protein Cookie Bites.)


With these simple steps, you can get ahead of the Fall Back time change for minimal disruption to your daily routine, your sleep, and your overall wellbeing. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing the change and enjoying all the season has to offer.


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