Introducing My EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites!

Denise Austin in her kitchen with EVER BETTER Protein Bites


I am so excited to announce my EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites are now available! When I couldn’t find a snack that hit all the right notes (healthy, delicious, and beneficial to women’s health) I developed some! I worked with my daughter, Katie, and an incredible bakery that specializes in healthy snacks and foods… and the result are these delicious EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites!

I wanted a guilt-free snack that tasted great and had additional benefits - and these protein bites do it! You can satisfy your sweet tooth while bringing your body energy, nutrients, and gut-friendly probiotics to help maintain immune health. Plus, each serving has 6 grams of protein, to help keep you strong and healthy, are low in sugar, gluten free and keto friendly, if you follow a keto diet. But the best part? They taste great, and come in four yummy flavors:  

  • Pumpkin Spice Joy!  Spice up your life with these delicious, protein-rich Pumpkin Spice Joy! Protein Cookie Bites! This classic flavor just got even better, with protein and probiotics. Hearty pumpkin seeds and the delicious flavors of cinnamon, ginger and clove come together to tantalize your taste buds. Impossible to resist - joy is the journey!
  • Chocolate PB Passion!  Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with this classic combo ... these chewy, satisfying Chocolate PB Passion! Protein Cookie Bites are pure indulgence in each bite. A  delicious, guilt-free treat you can get behind! Go for it - a good attitude is everything!
  • Brownie Bliss!  A childhood classic that’s all grown up! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious, fudgy, chewy protein cookie bite! Brownie Bliss! is chock full of chips and almonds, so they taste like grandma’s but have added benefits of protein and probiotics, too! Love your life!
  • Double Chocolate Delight!  Indulge your taste buds with these delicious Double Chocolate Delight! Protein Cookie Bites! You’ll love these soft, chewy, dark chocolate cookies, perfect for a sweet-tooth moment! These are an indulgence you can feel good about, and you're worth it!

Each order comes with four bags, and there is even an EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites Variety Pack, too! Try them all and decide what YOUR favorite flavor is! I hope you love these EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites as much as my family and I do… a healthy, guilt-free snack for post-workout, as a treat or snack, or anytime of day!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ - together!