Spring Clean Your Diet

Woman cooking fresh food in the kitchen

Spring is finally here! While you are getting ready to dive into your annual spring cleaning checklist around your house, it’s also a great time to think about doing a little spring cleaning for your diet. With warmer temps and longer days ahead, this is the time of year when many start thinking about breaking out of winter habits, getting more movement, and eating cleaner to get the most out of the season. So, we’ve put together this list of 5 easy ways to get a jumpstart on implementing healthier spring habits.


Clean Out Your Fridge & Pantry. Since Spring is the season of new beginnings, we love wiping the slate clean by getting rid of expired items and junk food to make room for healthier items. Start by taking inventory of your pantry and throwing out anything that’s past its expiration date and then donating any usable items that may trigger your unhealthy cravings. Next, open that fridge and start cleaning from top to bottom! While you clean, take note of what foods you have that may throw you off track so you can rethink your grocery list when you head out to restock.


Cut Back on Sugar. Sugary treats can be delicious, but they are often loaded with processed ingredients and extra calories that can make it difficult to stay on track. Once you have purged these items from your pantry and fridge, you can replace them with smarter choices like seasonal fruits, Greek yogurt (top it with your favorite seasonal fruit!), or a moderate amount of chocolate which has several healthy benefits that you can read about here.


Drink More Water. Hydration is key as the weather warms up, so instead of reaching for traditional flavored beverages or soda, reach for some good old H20 for some calorie-free refreshment! We know that plain water can start to get a bit boring, so grab some of that fresh seasonal fruit, throw in some fresh herbs like mint, and batch up your own calorie-free, naturally-flavored drink right at home.


Eat Seasonal Veggies. Adding more fresh vegetables to your diet is a great way to fill up while getting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. And, by replacing heavier side dishes like mashed potatoes with veggies, you can save up some extra calories for a little desert! This is also a great way to support your local grocers and farmer’s market, which will be serving up in-season favorites like asparagus, broccoli, kale, and peas.


Fuel Up with Plant-Based Protein. Protein is loaded with health benefits, including helping you to feel full faster and supporting brain function and growth.  When consumed in plant-based forms like nuts, it can also help you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. That’s why we use nuts like peanuts (7g protein per ounce) and almonds (6g protein per ounce) in our EVER BETTER™ Protein Cookie Bites.


When it comes to spring-cleaning your diet, the key to success is balance! By making healthier choices, you can still feel full while staying energized, focused, and on top of your health and wellness goals. And, if your sweet tooth strikes, go ahead and enjoy some guilt-free indulgence with our EVER BETTER™ Protein Cookie Bites available in four yummy flavors to satisfy your cravings.


Let’s live EVER BETER™ together!