Want to Snack Better? Here’s Your High Protein, Low Carb Snacks Checklist!

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While snacks can be a way to fill cravings, snacks are also a way to boost your energy - that's why choosing high protein low carb snacks are a good way to go! Healthier snacks should be a mainstay in everyone’s diet, as they can help to curb cravings, keep your blood sugar levels steady, and help you to prevent overeating later if you end up especially hungry. 

Healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables, which provide you with fiber and antioxidants are a good choice, as are high protein low carb snacks such as nuts (walnuts, peanuts and almonds), a piece of organic cheese, or a sweet treat that doesn’t bring a lot of sugar with it. All will help to provide you with nutrients to help keep energy levels up. Try these tips to help you snack better!

  1. Think mini. Help prevent over-snacking by eating smaller bites of things. One giant cookie or bowl of fruit may tempt you to eat the whole thing, while smaller high protein low carb cookie bites or a portioned amount of fruit helps put limits around how much you eat.
  2. Check for sugar. Many products may contain a lot of added sugar even if they sound “healthy.” Granola bars, cereals, and even condiments can have a lot of added sugar, so choose products that do not include corn syrup, fructose, sucrose and dextrose. Too much sugar (women should aim for not more than 25 grams of added sugar in their diets each day) can lead to elevated blood sugar levels, that can be followed by a blood sugar crash.
  3. Make sure your snacks are a good combo of healthy fats and protein. A balance of these two will help to fill you up and keep you satiated for longer. EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites are a great way to get a healthy protein low carb snack while also delivering have healthy fats and 6 grams protein, which is a great combination for keeping you full, longer. Plus they are low in sugar, with only 4 grams net carbs, but are a sweet delight for when you are craving dessert!
    And don’t forget that healthier swaps can go a long way when you are trying to stay on a healthy path when it comes to snacking. Some simple swaps to try:
    • Instead of chips and dip, nosh on fresh veggies and hummus - a healthier swap that will still satisfy your crunchy, salty craving but provide you with more nutrients, antioxidants and fiber than traditional chips and dips. 

    • Instead of a traditional cookie, try EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites! These soft, delicious cookies are lower in sugar than traditional cookies, and offer up protein and fat to help you stay fuller, longer - all while satisfying that sweet tooth!

    Let’s live EVER BETTER™ - together!