These bites are great for anytime you want a snack. The variety is superb and the taste and texture of the bites leave a great taste in your mouth. If you love chocolate, you would love these bites.

- Michelina P

This is one of the most tasty and fun ways to get the protein that we need!

- Janice M

These are delicious, good for you snacks that are flavorful and satisfy a craving in a healthy way. There are four great flavors... It's hard to believe these are a healthy snack, because they taste like little bites of heaven!

- Christine S

Overall, this product does not taste like a protein bar. The flavors are very tasty and may even trick you into thinking you’re eating a sugary snack. The pumpkin spice flavor is definitely a treat.

- Kimberly C

These bites are like eating cake or a brownie without the guilt! The smell alone will satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect bite size pieces that satisfy a craving.

- Jocelyn F